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Myofascial Release

Kate (MSc,BSc Hons in Physiotherapy)is currently studying for an Advanced Clinical Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Therapy. Myofascial therapy (MFR) is a specialised form of manual therapy used for the treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascial aches, pain, tension and restrictions.

Fascia is the network of connective tissue that covers every bone,muscle and organ in the body. Over time the fascia contracts to support our regular postures and movements. However this can lead to imbalances leading to to pain and tension. Myofascial release addresses the 3D matrix of fascia to effectively restore flexibility in the fascia and help ease pain.

What happens during MFR?

MFR is applied without oils or lotions to achieve a better contact with the skin. A postural assessment and history will be taken to establish current symptomsand look at specific areas of tightness. Firm, sustained pressure is applied directly to the skin to restore normal fascial movement.

Kate will intergrate MFR into her physiotherapy treatment session if felt appropriate but will also see people soley for Myofascial release.

Appointment prices for MFR therapy

1 hour £65.00