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Our Treatments

Stow Physiotherapy Practice are experienced at successfully treating the following conditions:
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Spinal pain

Our Physiotherapists are experts in the treatment of all spinal conditions. In fact the treatment of back and neck problems makes up the majority of our caseload.

Spinal conditions that respond especially well to Physiotherapy include:

low back pain
prolapsed “slipped” disc
degenerative changes and wear and tear
pelvic misalignment
stiff or painful neck
trapped nerves causing pain into your arms or legs
Treatment follows from a detailed assessment to determine the exact area of the spine causing the problems, and often involves manual techniques such as mobilisations or manipulation to restore normal joint movement, as well as massage or acupuncture to reduce muscle spasm and pain.

As important as the treatment of the immediate problem is the prevention of future spinal problems, and so practical advice and home exercises are a vital part of spinal treatments.

Joint problems

Joint conditions respond very well to physiotherapy management, which can either involve manual treatment to restore mobility, treatment to reduce pain or exercises to strengthen and improve function and balance.

Whether the cause of the condition is a sports injury or ‘wear and tear’ we can help you to recover as quickly as is possible and will aim to restore you to your normal level of activity

Conditions that we commonly treat are

joint sprains or strains
cartilage damage
swelling or stiffness

Strains & Sprains

At Stow Physiotherapy we have a wealth of expertise in the management of all types of sports injuries, with therapists who have experience working with professional sportsmen, and also who have competed themselves at the highest level. For this reason we understand the importance of early treatment of the initial injury to optimise you healing time, and return you to your sport as soon as is possible.

However it is also important to work to rehabilitate you effectively to return you to your activities in peak condition, and we will also work with you to help prevent recurrence of your injury through exercises, training modification, taping or advice about orthotic use.

The types of injuries we see most often are:

tennis/golfers elbow
ankle sprains
rotator cuff tears of the shoulder
Calf/quadriceps and hamstring tears
Achilles tendonitis
Plantar fasciitis

Work related conditions

Many conditions can be related to our working environment, either through postural related issues or repetitive movements.

Your physiotherapist will initially work to treat the condition, relieving pain and restoring movement, but can also look at ways of resolving the underlying cause.

It may be that the way you sit, the arrangement of your workstation, or the activities you perform at work could be modified or adjusted to reduce the stress on your body and so reduce the chance of the injury recurring. Advice about equipment to make using your computer less stressful, or arranging your desk more efficiently can often make a huge difference to your bodies ability to cope with the demands our work places upon us, and is often a vital part of the management of conditions such as repetitive strain injury or back pain.

At Stow Physiotherapy we will work with you to keep you well at work and as productive as possible!

Before & after Surgery

Whether it is a total hip or knee replacement, knee arthroscopy, foot, ankle or shoulder surgery, or any other orthopaedic surgery at Stow Physiotherapy we are well equipped to help you recover as quickly as possible.

We are able to see you before your surgery to advice you as to the best way to prepare for your surgery by protecting your joint system and optimising your muscle strength and so aiding recovery.

After your surgery we can help you to regain good movement in the joint, and then to devise and monitor your rehabilitation programme to allow you to regain optimal joint function.

Being a long established local clinic we have close links with many of the local orthopaedic surgeons, which allows us to communicate closely with them if needed in managing your condition.


The rehabilitation of the whole body following trauma is an area physiotherapists specialise in.

Whether following a car accident or sports related trauma we would aim to help with recovery from areas of local injury such as fractures or sprains/strains, but also assess your whole body to deal with the total effects of such accidents, thus returning you to your normal activities as soon as is possible.

As always this would follow a detailed assessment and analysis of how your body is working, and where areas of problem exist. Treatment would then aim to restore the working of the whole body, thus making sure that you recover well from the immediate effects of your accident, but also do not experience unnecessary longer term problems.

Pregnancy related pain

Pregnancy related muscle, bone and joints pain is an area of treatment that Stow Physiotherapy is able to offer specialist expertise in. Pain in the back or pelvis is one of the commonest problems experienced during pregnancy and can range from being mild discomfort to debilitating pain.

This pain is often blamed on hormones, and that it cannot be treated.but infact there is lots of evidence now that appropriate treatment, including hands on treatment of the joint, exercises and advice can dramatically improve your symptoms whilst you are pregnant, and help you to recover quickly afterwards.

Some people have experienced ongoing symptoms sometime for years after having their family, but can still respond well to correct treatment even after a long period of time.

Lucy Walmsley is recognised as a leading expert in this field, and as well as lecturing widely on the subject she also treats a large number of women each year with these kind of problems and so has been able to build up a wealth of experience. She is happy to see anyone at any stage of pregnancy or post-nataly for assessment and treatment.


If you suffer from the very unpleasant symptom of vertigo as a result of a condition called Benign Paroxysmal Position Vertigo (BPPV) then physiotherapy may be an effective way of treating your symptoms.

A technique called the Epley’s Manoeuvre can be extremely effective at correcting the symptoms of dizziness and nausea associated with this condition. It is a simple procedure to perform and will be effective at resolving symptoms for a large percentage of people.

We may wish you to have seen your GP prior to treatment for symptoms of dizziness in order to confirm the diagnosis of BPPV, but if you think this may be something that would be helpful for you we would be delighted to discuss this treatment option with you.

Neurological conditions

Neurological physiotherapy can offer help to patients at any stage of their condition. From early diagnosis, or discharge from hospital, when the aim is to maximise recovery and achieve the best functional level possible, to the ongoing management and maintenance of activity levels with longer term conditions.

Treatment will include a specialist assessment to determine your personalised goals, assistance with equipment recommendations and creation of long-term exercise programmes as appropriate.

Many different treatment approaches can be used, depending entirely on your particular needs. Bobath (or normal movement therapy) encourages the intact central nervous system to re-learn correct patterns of movement by correcting alignment and movement patterns. Motor re-learning uses task-specific training to correct the missing elements in an activity, so complex movements are broken down into their component parts and each part trained individually, so the movement can then be built back into a functional task.

Eleanor is happy to treat a wide range of conditions including:

Multiple Sclerosis
Head Injury
Acquired Brain Injury
Guillan Barre Syndrome

Women's health

Women's health issues can often be neglected but they can be treated successfully with physiotherapy to bring great benefits to the patient’s quality of life.

With over 15 years’ experience as a physiotherapist in private practice, private hospital and the NHS, women’s health specialist Nicky Travlos MCSP has worked with and helped women of all ages with problems related to:

Post-natal recovery
Divarication (stomach muscle separation)
Post-surgical recovery
Pelvic floor problems
This is a significant addition to the range of specialist physiotherapy services offered at the Bourton-based practice and complements Lucy Walmsley’s expertise in treating pregnancy related pelvic pain.