Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapists are trained extensively in treatment techniques that mobilise and release muscular and fascia, using hands on techniques. Whilst they may not be able to diagnose the specific problem they can be very effective in helping manage some ongoing problems or calming down pain and tightness in more acute injuries.

All our soft tissue therapists work closely alongside the physiotherapy team, so if they feel you need more specialist input will discuss this with you and refer you back to the physios.


At Stow Physio at Bourton we are all experts in biomechanical assessment, and so are able to look at how your joints move, or your body works in order to determine what the underlying cause of your problem may be. We are then able to use various treatment techniques to correct the problem, and show you exercises to do at home to prevent recurrence.
By finding the root cause of a problem, rather than simply treating the symptoms we aim to give you a long term solution that means you can continue your activities without the need for ongoing treatment.

Our aim is to get you moving freely, in the correct way.


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