How well do you look after that expensive piece of equipment that you bought so you can ride around and enjoy our beautiful contryside and get fit 

The purchase of a road bike is one that many of us take a lot of time over.  Then, when we have our great new bike we make sure that we get it serviced regularly and look after it well.  Most of us do, some of us also get our bikes, ride them regularly and then leave them in the garage until the next ride and never consider servicing them.  You should!

This is all fantastic, but are you missing something?

Are you sitting comfortably? 

James Clapp, one of our physios has trained to be able to get you fitted to your bike, to get your bike set up specificaly to you.  

Lucy has had her Bike fitted this week and despite being a little sceptical, she has been amazed by the results that she has experienced on her long ride this weekend.


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