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Myofascial Release

Kate (MSc,BSc Hons in Physiotherapy)is currently studying for an Advanced Clinical Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Therapy.  Myofascial therapy (MFR) is a specialised form of manual therapy used for the treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascial aches, pain, tension and restrictions.

Fascia is the network of connective tissue that covers every bone,muscle and organ in the body.  Over time the fascia contracts to support our regular postures and movements.  However this can lead to imbalances leading to to pain and tension.  Myofascial release addresses the 3D matrix of fascia to effectively restore flexibility in the fascia and help ease pain.

What happens during MFR?

MFR is applied without oils or lotions to achieve a better contact with the skin.  A postural assessment and history will be taken to establish current symptomsand look at specific areas of tightness.  Firm, sustained pressure is applied directly to the skin to restore normal fascial movement.

Kate will intergrate MFR into her physiotherapy treatment session if felt appropriate but will also see people soley for Myofascial release.

Appointment prices for MFR therapy

1 hour £60.00


Please telephone the office to book 01451 822660

Lucy - Iron Man Bolton Age group Champion


Lucy Bolton


LUCY WALMSLEY was crowned British Ladies' V45 Ironman champion on her debut at the event in Bolton.

Victory qualifies her for the 2017 World Ironman Championships at Kona, Hawaii in October.

Lucy a physiotherapist from Bourton-on-the-Water, is in the form of her life and just a fortnight earlier she had won the Over-45 section of the England National Triathlon Championship.

More than 2000 contestants took on the UK Ironman Championships on a damp morning in Bolton.

The professionals started the 2.4-mile open water swim first with a constant stream of amateur competitors following and soon the lake was full of swimmers as far as the eye could see.

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How well do you look after that expensive piece of equipment that you bought so you can ride around and enjoy our beautiful contryside and get fit 

The purchase of a road bike is one that many of us take a lot of time over.  Then, when we have our great new bike we make sure that we get it serviced regularly and look after it well.  Most of us do, some of us also get our bikes, ride them regularly and then leave them in the garage until the next ride and never consider servicing them.  You should!

This is all fantastic, but are you missing something?

Are you sitting comfortably? 

James Clapp, one of our physios has trained to be able to get you fitted to your bike, to get your bike set up specificaly to you.  

Lucy has had her Bike fitted this week and despite being a little sceptical, she has been amazed by the results that she has experienced on her long ride this weekend.


Tough Triathlon sees Lucy Triumph again!!

A recent Olympic distance triathlon win and course record at South Cerney after a 10 year gap from triathlon competitions showed that Lucy Walmsley, now aged 44 and a member of the newly formed 'North Cotswold Tri & Run' club, was in good form leading up to the New Forest Half Ironman. She had been inspired to do this race by two friends, Lisa Cartlidge and Hanna Minett who both battled on admirably to complete it. 
Despite having A family with two young children to look after and run her own business, Stow Physio Ltd., she still manages to fit in the hard training necessarily for doing this type of event. As this was her first attempt at this distance, one could only speculate at what she might achieve although the dedication of training and the determination throughout the race made it no surprise to those who know her that she won the race. 
However, it was the manner in which she won that was dramatic and astonishing. 

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Kate is a WInner!!

This weekend saw Kate Badger storming to victory at the Raceways Autumn 5k in Stratford.

Kate who is a competitive runner and  runs for Bourton Roadrunners, lined up on a cold, wet and windy day to battle the wind and acheieve a personal best time of 20 mins and 42 seconds.  

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