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Acupuncture is now a standard part of much modern medical practice and has been conclusively proven to help reduce pain in many common conditions


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Assessment involves watching how you move and then feeling the joints, muscles and tendons in the area for stiffness or pain.


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Pregnancy related muscle, bone and joints pain is an area of treatment we specialise in.

What is Myofascial Release (MFR)

What is Myofascial Release (MFR)

Fascia is an integrated, totally connected and uninterrupted network of connective tissue that spreads 3 dimensionally throughout the body. It surrounds, protects and supports every structure of the human body. 

Fascia is dynamic - it can change and responds to the demands placed upon it. Therefore over time, our fascia contracts to support our regular postures and movement. Our muscles adapt to these changes in the fascial network which can lead to imbalances leading to pain, tension and restriction of movement. 

Fascia is the immediate environment of every cell in the body.

Fascia responds to emotional stress which causes muscle tension. This tension can be held in fascia long after the stress has been removed but the system is left in a holding pattern of tension.

Surgery and physical trauma can also lead to restrictions within the fascial network which can cause ongoing pain for people, often not just at the site of trauma but spreading throughout the whole body as lines of tension are built upon due to compensatory movement patterns. 

What can MFR help? 


MFR is a holistic therapy aimed at restoring “balance” within your system.  It is an effective way of releasing restrictions to restore normal flexibility, reduce or eliminate pain. 


MFR can help with posture related pain - long periods sat at a computer or driving can lead to chronic neck and back pain, headaches and jaw issues as well as repetitive strain type injuries of the upper limb, carpal tunnel symptoms to name a few. 


MFR can help with emotional stress which can be held as muscular tension and create widespread symptoms


MFR can help post surgery or physical trauma to alleviate the restrictions from scarring, immobilisations, adaptions of movement due to the injury.


What does a treatment involve? 

During the first treatment, a postural assessment is done looking for areas of imbalance, tension and restriction. Firm sustained pressure is applied directly to the skin. No oils are used during an MFR treatment unlike traditional massage as it is hard to address the different layers and depths needed to perform an effective treatment session.

Clothing - MFR needs to be performed directly skin on skin so shorts are ideal and for women a vest top or bra as opposed to a sports bra.


About Kate

Kate is a chartered physiotherapist with over 20 years experience working predominantly in private practice in the musculoskeletal and sports field. She has been physiotherapist to the Professional Jockeys Association since 2004. In 2012, she  gained a masters in Sports Physiotherapy. 


Kate has always been passionate about treating people as individually and holistically to ensure the best possible treatment outcome. This sparked her interest in MFR and led her down the path of wanting to learn more about this incredible connective tissue network that has the potential to influence our whole quality of life, from a muscular, visceral and emotional point of view. She gained an Advanced Clinical Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Release earlier this year. Many techniques she encorporates into her physiotherapy sessions but she also offers  MFR appointments on their own. It is a holistic whole body approach, gentle but the results can be profound. Kate is more than happy to discuss whether MFR may be of benefit to you prior to attending for a treatment. Treatment times are generally around 1hr 15 mins for initial appointments to take account of paperwork with follow up being an hour. 



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